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On November 2011 the Joint Stock Company “Commodity Exchange “Caspy” (hereinafter – CE Caspy was registered as the legal entity.

On December 30, 2011 the Committee of trade under the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan JSC “Commodity Exchange “Caspy” issued the state license No 1000349 for commodity exchange activity performance.

The first trading on the exchange market were hold by the agricultural section on December 30, 2011 after license receipt.

Today JSC “Commodity Exchange “Caspy” is the largest commodity exchange of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The exchange created comfortable, safe and clear trading mechanism on basis of modern program-technical platform. Electronic trade system CE Caspy – is the comfortable web-based access by the Internet for all exchange markets and accompanying services for trading participants. Guarantees of financial control of dealing and commodity delivery at the close of trading is ensured by modern mechanisms of risk-management and calculations, responsible for international standards.

CE Caspy organizes exchange trading by real commodities and urgent contracts.

CE Caspy since 2013 is the only exchange on the former Soviet Union which organized the trading by GHG allowance allocation CO2 according to the Kyoto Agreement.

Also on 2014 CE Caspy at the first time in Kazakhstan started the trading by electrical power by the section of electrical power and power trade on the exchange.

By the “Portal” section with regard to minerals developer procurement, total turnover of trading on CE Caspy is the highest in the Republic of Kazakhstan, at that there is no fact of dealing failure on the Exchange.

Since its foundation JSC “CEC” cooperates with commodity exchanges of CIS countries and foreign countries, Kazakhstan and foreign banks, the Ministry of Economical Development and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and also is the official member of Interbourse Electronic Union of the countries which includes exchanges from neighboring countries and beyond. Official partner of the Company CE Caspy is Deutsche Börse AG and Leipzig exchange EEX (European Energy Exchange).

Our broker companies have certified accreditation and staff of the Exchange passed training on the issues of exchange trading issues on the leading exchanges of the world.

Nowadays CE Caspy perform trading on the publicity and equality principles. Contracts concluded on the exchange shall not me subject to notarization and shall be mandatory for performance by their parties under internal and external economic relationships. Clients of Exchange use different services of JSC “CEC”: informational, consultative, etc.

CE Caspy participates in re-forming of national economy, development of international economic affairs, and market relations formation.

Computer-generated leading of trading process, qualified specialists, standardization of conditions and strict adherence of the rules reduces losses of time for contract conclusion.

Formation of admitted Kazakhstan indicators and development of urgent commodity market give opportunity for manufacturing companies and consumers to effectively hedge pricing risks and realize long-term strategies of producing and trading activity planning. anti-monopoly and exchange legislation.

Formed on the liquid and clear exchange marker prices are admitted by market tax.