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The first in the world the Kazakhstan Commodity Exchange "Caspy" starts trading forwards on barrels of water.

Electronic trading platform of JSC "Commodity Exchange "Caspy" will become the first commercial electronic trading platform, which organized trading of a barrel of water in the world.

The barrel trade section will become the new direction of the ETP for the Caspian commodity exchange. Within a month of operation of the new section in the online system of CE Caspian, it is planned to make the first deals for the supply of 2 billion barrels of water, specifically 10 lots (at the rate of 1 lot = 200 million barrels of natural water), with the help of revolutionary technology for seasonal regulation of climatic processes by controlled transfer of moist air masses from wetland areas of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean to dry areas and deposition of sediments in the required amount for the Receiver.

Supplier of barrels of water is by Climate Global Control Trading LLC, which has many years of successful experience in the use of technology in many countries.

By trading forwards on the barrels of water are approved only legal entities - residents and non-residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In addition, JSC "Commodity Exchange "Caspian" by organizing exchange trades and controlling pricing in the course of exchange trades provides the formation of economically viable prices in the water market.

Launching on exchange markets of forward contracts on barrels of water empower possibilities of investors and other key players in the global market for water resources in the implementation of a wide range of investment and speculative strategies.

The new pricing mechanism is created in the form of deliverable exchange contracts - forward on barrels of water are traded on the JSC «Commodity Exchange «Caspian». This allows the direct market quotation of barrels of water to be set, without reference to other water flows existing on the world market.

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